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We understand the industry intimately and have developed a range of solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of the industry. Our services are focused on addressing business growth, efficiency and creating environmentally responsible laundries.


We review your existing laundry operations and provide a detailed report with key findings and recommendations of areas in your facility that can be improved to ensure optimum volume output, increased employee productivity and compliance with SANS 10146.

The focus is on but not limited to the following areas:

Facility Review

Utility Management

Plant Layout Review

Infection Prevention & Control

Maintenance Planning

Production Bottlenecks

We try and recommend changes/ improvements with no capital investments and/or medium capital investment.


The audit is geared towards a high standard of hygiene and safety in the laundry. Areas of focus are:

Laundry Safety and Procedures

Chemicals Safety & Storage

Hygiene Audit

Employee Training

Infection Control Practices

Maintenance Records


Our generic and bespoke laundry training courses provide employees and businesses with an earnest opportunity for staff to think outside the box and develop new skills in line with the latest industry specific trends and technology, ultimately resulting in a return of investment for the business.

People can be assets and when assets are empowered, it results in an engaged and energized workforce which positively impact the bottom line of the organization. Our services and training programmes are aligned to SANS 10146 and HACCP.

Some of the courses we provide training on include:

Operating an Industrial Laundry

Chemicals Safety Training

Laundry Management Training

Health & Safety in Laundry

Breaking the Chain of Infections

The courses can be run as on-site training and online if required.

Supply Of Laundry Chemicals

We supply environmentally-friendly industrial chemicals to most industries. In today’s business environment, it is not only about saving money, there is a lot more pressure on businesses to get things done quicker, protect employees and the environment whiles increasing the bottom line.

Our products include:

Laundry Chemicals

Food Safety Chemicals


Industrial cleaning Chemicals

We aim to add value, as such, EBS does not just sell you a product but also offer a complete service that includes training on the safety and application of chemicals we supply. Combining the supply of chemicals with training and consultation is a unique service program offered to our clients.

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